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Raising the Standard Music, LLC is the name God gave us in prayer at the end of 2006. Prior to RTS Music, LLC we were operating under the name 2flypublishing, LLC – a catchy, cool name that emphasized and pointed way too much to me personally – Gail Fly. Being convicted of this self-fulfilling, self-proclaiming name, I sought direction from God as to what name I should use to create and distribute the music He had given me. Through prayer, quiet time and reflection, I was reminded that many years ago; maybe even before we were married, my husband began to share a ministry name that God had given him: “Raising the Standard Ministries”. Being the incubator, nurturer and one that births out that which I am impregnated with; I began to seek God diligently concerning the ministry that is yet to come through my husband’s loins. Raising the Standard Music is the fore-runner or “the John-the-Baptist” if you will for a great multi-faceted, multi-cultural outreach ministry that is yet to come.

Raising the Standard Music is a for-profit corporation registered with the State of Louisiana. It is owned and operated by Albert and B. Gail Fly. RTS Music was formed for the creation and distribution of Gail Fly’s first gospel music project – “Who Will Worship?” released September 2007 and ultimately for other gospel music projects to follow.








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